Smallcell Solutions


In small areas with large numbers of people (think of stadiums, campuses, amusement parks, etc.) there tends to be a negative wireless user experience, due to the large number of people utilizing their phones, computers, etc. with the traditional tower provided.


Intelibs’ Small Cell Solutions expand coverage and increase network capacity. Intelibs has been a pioneer in building a 4G network with smallcell. Same as the WiFi AP, these smallcell nodes are installed in common areas (i.e. hallway wall or ceiling) to increase voice and data capacity in areas where people congregate. The targeting of these areas allows for an overall improvement of the wireless user experience by creating a super fast transport of data over fiber optic cable. As the smallcell nodes are connected over CAT6 cable that is same as WiFi, it is easy to install and avoid many RF test that is typically required for the DAS installation. Intelibs is also a certified integrator of many smallcell OEM manufacturers so that the venue ownership should be able to get the best smallcell solution according to the structure and user capacity demand.

Product Application