Community Aesthetic
Sensitive Wireless

Industry Summary

The Suburban community has been sensitive to cellular towers since eye-soaring 50-foot tower structures damage the community aesthetic. The local community wouldn’t allow wireless carriers to build tall cellular towers. Recently, many neutral DAS operators have emerged and approached local communities to build outdoor DAS networks on utility poles instead of cellular towers. However, the pole mounted DAS still faces strong resistance because it is bulky and an eye sore from the pedestrian’s point of view. Aesthetic friendly DAS design becomes crucial to mitigate the community’s resistance to outdoor DAS projects.

Hybrid DAS applications offer innovative coverage and capacity solutions enabling wireless service providers to build the outdoor wireless network in a cost effective and aesthetic friendly manner. Its small form factor makes it easy to be attached on the utility poles or rooftop with the low cost ownership. This product is crucial for these projects due to locations in challenging terrain. Constraints limit the RF repeater’s locations as well as coverage.

Product Applications / Solutions

Intelibs offers turnkey solutions that warrant streamlining project delivery through single contract, and transforms relationships between designers and builders to foster collaboration and teamwork providing following benefits:

  • Faster delivery
  • More realistic cost identification
  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced communication
  • Single responsibility
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Better budget management

As a turnkey solution, the following are what Intelibs offers:

  • Provide “agency” representation
  • Obtain all necessary community authorizations
  • Secure local utility license agreements
  • Design DAS system per wireless carrier’s requirements
  • Develop all pole attachment applications as required by the utilities

Exemplary Solutions