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Whether a Community College, State College or an Ivy League educational institution, today’s demand for quality and consistent data transmission and communication from faculty and students alike make the delivery of connectivity crucial. Intelibs has identified the many obstacles to achieving the experience that is expected and offer state of the art solutions. No matter if a high-rise building, multiple buildings or a vast geographical footprint, your system is customized to exceed your expectations.

Stony Brook University chose Intelibs to solve a major shortfall in their ability to deliver consistent and quality communication technology across their R&D park. We are proud of the system that we developed.

Intelibs Solution – Hybrid Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Intelibs’ Hybrid DAS offers ideal wireless solution for the Campus environment with the flexibility and scalability in terms of selection of antenna transmission powers, and indoor and outdoor antennas installations. It also derives connection of the RF source from the central head end room or the remote building rooftop RF source. The system is designed to even work in hard-to-reach areas such as underground utility tunnel.

Intelibs DAS Solution Highlights

  • Multi-Carrier/Multi-Band Support
  • Small Form factor Equipment
  • Lower power consumption to use standard 120V power outlet
  • Fiber to Antenna Architecture to make minimal coax cabling
  • Tough-Built equipment design

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