& Innovation
We pride ourselves on the
innovative use of technology
to meet our customer’s needs.
Our products are designed
and built in the carrier
grade quality.
Our Business
We provide turnkey solutions
for your wireless coverage
and capacity needs.


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Ideally you need a turnkey solution for your wireless coverage and capacity needs. Intelibs is that solution provider. Our deep knowledge and vast experience in engineering, design, construction and venue operation come together to reach the best solution for your situation. Our RF technologies are compatible with all cellular wireless services plus Wi-Fi as well as public safety radio. Drawing from an increasing wide base of successful designs, Intelibs produces an aesthetically IT friendly DAS that accommodates the most difficult signal strength challenges and interruptions.

Carrier Grade Quality Products

Intelibs products have earned the NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System) Level 3 certification for Carrier Grade Quality. Our GPS product quality comports with the primary timing source of the carrier’s network infrastructure for synchronization of the network operation via GPS.

Additionally, our real-world experience lead us to embed the practical product features that make installation efficient and cost effective.

The industry standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) powers the customers’ ability to monitor the system status with an alarm message from the remote NOC (Network Operation Center).




About Us

Intelibs answers the old advertising question...

“Can you hear me now?”
with a clear YES.

Since 2008 Intelibs has been providing unique and specialized ERRC, WiFi, and 4G/5G Cellular wireless solutions to major institutions, companies and industries. From survey, concept and deployment Distributed Antenna Systems compatible with all U.S. carriers Intelibs solves wireless communications obstacles.