GPS over Fiber

System Description:

Intelibs GPS over Fiber Systems transmit the GPS signal over Fiber Optic cables. The system delivers GPS signal to the remote location where the GPS signal may not be reachable due to significant signal loss or limited coax cable run by the building structural constraints.

Dramatic Cost Savings From Innovation and Scalable System Architecture.

Compared to other solutions using AC power outlet, Intelibs GPS over Fiber systems built in the Power over Ethernet (PoE) saves at least 50% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating electrical construction, utility metering and permission. Scalable architecture with FDU and CDU also further saves more than FIVE (5) times the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the large scaled network deployment with multi-room GPS receiver configuration.

The system consists of basic units and two optional units as follows:


Front End Unit (FEU):
Connected to the GPS antenna on the roof, the FEU converts GPS radio signal to optical waves and transfers to the BEU.

* Compact (FEU)


Back End Unit (BEU):
Located next to the GPS receiver equipment (e.g. BTS or Server), the BEU converts optical wave formed GPS signal to the original radio frequency and forwards it over coax cable to the GPS receiver.


Fiber Distribution Unit (FDU):
As an optional unit for the large scale installation, FDU distributes the optical waves of GPS signal from a signal FEU to multiple BEU’s.


Coax Distribution Unit (CDU):
As an optional unit for the large scale installation, CDU distributes GPS radio signal of BEU from a single coax cable to 16 coax cables.

System Configurations

Product Features:

Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) Level 3 Certified: Intelibs GPS over Fiber systems have been certified to NEBS Level 3, that is qualified for the carrier to install the systems inside the Central Office (CO) as well as mission critical network facility. (note: NEBS Level 3 is a Telco industry standard required for equipment installation of the Central Office)

Power over Ethernet: Intelibs GPS over Fiber systems built in Power over Ethernet (PoE) electrical construction on the roof or remote location from the BEU. The FEU powered by PoE from the remote equipment room with the back-up generator or battery is operated in highly reliable and safe power service as well as easy maintenance.

High Performance RF filter: Intelibs GPS over Fiber Front End Unit (FEU) employs with proprietary RF filter rejecting interference signal from outside the GPS radio frequency.

Scalable and redundant System Architecture: Scalable architecture with FDU and CDU enable the GPS signal from a single FEU to be served in multiple locations where the service providers place multiple GPS receiver units within the central office or data center. Hot and Standby redundant architecture assures the system operation with full redundancy.

SNMP based remote monitoring and management


  • Wireless Telecommunications network equipment timing source
  • Satellite communication, Broadcast systems
  • Military and Defense system
  • Maritime GPS
  • Test and Measurement