Hybrid DAS

(Distributed Antenna Systems)

Product Overview

Intelibs HYBRID DAS (HDAS) provides indoor/outdoor coverage and capacity with the flexible and scalable system architecture that is well suited for variable venues. This includes single high-rise buildings to multi-building complexes, such as, Corporations, Campuses, & Hospitals.

Intelibs HDAS is designed to provide the multi-carrier and multi-technologies so the system is capable of serving carrier and technology agnostic coverage and capacity solutions. This system was designed to operate in low power consumption so it can function from the existing electric circuit. This “Fiber to Antenna” design is for the coaxial cable, which may not be installed due to the building structure limit.

HDAS is comprised of the tree hierarchical system structure from the headed Radio Hub Unit (RHU) to the middle Fiber Hub Unit (FHU) to the Remote Unit (RU). This tree system minimizes the cable pathway occupancy by running the fiber / coaxial cables. This structure enables the user to reuse the existing fiber infrastructure to provide the wireless coverage.


Radio Hub Unit (RHU) is a headend unit interfacing the carrier’s RF sources (e.g. Base Station, eNodeB).


Fiber Hub Unit (FHU) is a middle unit that distributes a single fiber link to the multiple fiber links toward the Remote Unit (RU) or the child FHU.


Remote Unit (RU) is an amplifier unit to transmit the radio over the air after convert the optical wavelength to the RF signal.


Small Remote Unit (SRU):
is part of the Hybrid Distributed Antenna Systems (HDAS) to provide remote RF coverage solution from the Radio Hub Unit (RHU) fed by the RF source via wireline connection. SRU is built on a small form factor with a single antenna port of dual band frequencies.

System Configurations

Product Features

  • Flexible system configuration from a single to multiple building complex as well as indoor to outdoor area
  • Scalable system architecture support up to 32 High and Low power remote unit that can support over 1M SF by a single RHU.
  • Future proof modular system configuration to protect the investment.
  • Fiber to Antenna architecture to be accommodated with small cell
  • Low power consumption may eliminate a separate electricity meter.
  • Flexible Power option for remote powering using PoE or AC power.
  • Natural convection cooling makes no noise.


  • Inbuilding coverage/capacity improvement (e.g. Hospital)
  • Indoor & Outdoor coverage/capacity improvement (e.g. University/Corporate Campus/Military base)