GPS Distribution Solutions


Due to flanked buildings on both sides that create a canyon-like environment reception and signal is poor. Classic examples of these human-built canyons are made when streets separate dense blocks of structures, especially skyscrapers. These include Magnificent Mike in Chicago, the Canyon of Heroes in Manhattan and Hong Kong’s Kowloon and Central Districts. Urban canyons have an impact on various local conditions, including temperature, wind, air quality, and radio reception, as well as GPS signals. The GPS Signal is an important timing source for the telecommunications system since it is used for the global reference for the synchronization of the message transmission for the real-time communications system such as cellular network.

Problem Case 2

Wireless carriers have started to be centralized the radio equipment into a central location and span out the coverage with the fiber infrastructure. As the wireless carriers aggregate the radio equipment into a single location, it requires to feed the GPS signals to the correspondent number of RF source equipment. As the heartbeat of the network equipment, it is important to feed stable and accurate timing source with the high availability and reliability.


GPS over Fiber is the best solution to carry the GPS signal over 100’s of feet in these troublesome areas allowing individuals and companies located in urban canyons the luxury of strong signals. Intelibs GPS over Fiber solution is top notch with innovations, as well as, industry first NEBS Level 3 certification for the Telco qualified products.

GPS Distribution for Central BTS location: In order to provide stable and reliable GPS signals to the wireless carrier’s equipment as it uses the GPS signal for its timing source. Intelibs GPS Distribution solution offers the flexible and scalable architecture to cover from a single rack to multi-rack and multi-room configuration using Fiber Distribution Unit (FDU).

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