About Intelibs

Since 2008 Intelibs has been providing unique and specialized ERRC, WiFi, 3G, 4G and 5G solutions to major institutions, companies and industries. From survey, concept and deployment Distributed Antenna Systems compatible with all U.S. carriers, Intelibs solves wireless communication obstacles.

Identifying the challenges, designing and executing solutions with state of the art engineering, technology and equipment has proven to be the hallmark difference with Intelibs service. Where other providers can only act in their own silo, Intelibs offers a 360 degree solution.

We were honored early on to be accepted to the Stony Brook University R&D Park incubation programs and work with national and global partners at the highest levels of technical advancements. Intelibs has captured those advances and brings them to bare in providing DAS answers across complex installations.

We are always available to discuss your ERRC, WiFi, Cellular 4G/5G and Private wireless network.

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